Teachers' Educational Materials

WERI: The Water and Environmental Research Institute of the Western Pacific with funding assistance from the U.S. Geological Survey has granted funds to create these educational materials for children age 9-12 as a part of its public outreach mission. Additional funding has been provided by the generosity of Triple J Ford of Guam and Ford Motor Company Conservation and Environmental Grants.

"Guam Water Kids" focuses on three main ideas: the value of fresh water as one of Guam's most important natural resources; how our supply of fresh water is renewed by the Water Cycle; and what youth can do to take responsibility for avoiding the pollution and waste of the island's fresh water supply.

In addition to the Teachers' Materials on the pages of this website, a pre-recorded, narrated video suitable for classroom or group presentations and two Lesson Plans with activities and handouts are available for download below. See the two lesson plans for detail outline of information covered, suggested activities, instructional narrative and the GDOE standards addressed.

[Primary Subject: Science and Social Studies. Secondary Subjects: Art, Language Arts, Chamorro Studies, Spelling Vocabulary. Grade Level: 3-7.]

LESSON 1: "The Water Cycle and Guam's Fresh Water" [with Word Bank and Activities]
Lesson Plan 1 (.pdf)
Water Cycle Labeling Activity (.pdf)

LESSON 2: "Pollution and Conservation of Guam's Fresh Water" [with Word Bank and Activities]
Lesson Plan 2 (.pdf)
Household Chemicals: Your Personal Solution (.pdf)

GuamWaterKids Full slideshow.mov (Quicktime)
GuamWaterKids Full slideshow.wav (Windows)

GuamWaterKids Part 1 Fresh Water.mov (Quicktime)
GuamWaterKids Part 1 Fresh Water.wav (Windows)

GuamWaterKids Part 2 Fresh Water.mov (Quicktime)
GuamWaterKids Part 2 Fresh Water.wav (Windows)

GuamWaterKids Part 3 Fresh Water.mov (Quicktime)
GuamWaterKids Part 3 Fresh Water.wav (Windows)

GuamWaterKids Part 4 and 5 Fresh Water.mov (Quicktime)
GuamWaterKids Part 4 and 5 Fresh Water.wav (Windows)

Chamorro Glossary of Fresh Water Terms(.pdf)
Selected Terms for Instructors (.pdf)

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NOTE: These downloadable materials are provided free for use in helping young people understand the connections between the source of the fresh water they use every day and the ways they can help protect and conserve Guam's fresh water.