Teachers Love This Site
The U.S. Geological Survey, which helped fund the Guam Water Kids Project, offers resources about Water, Geography, Geology, Biology, and more suitable for Grades K-6, Grades 7-12, and Undergraduate. Teachers and students will find many videos, animations, photo galleries, maps and online lectures. Especially useful in the classroom is the wealth of free handouts, activities and discovery questions plus budget-friendly store with large color posters. Check out the USGS Water Science School.

Digital Library for Earth Systems Education: Earth Science (DLESE)
The Earth Science Literacy Maps are tools for teachers and students. Recently updated, these maps illustrate connections between related concepts and how they build upon one another across grade levels. Includes information about related National Science Education Standards.

Water and Environmental Research Institute of the Western Pacific at the University of Guam
Through research, teaching and outreach programs, WERI seeks solutions to the management of fresh water in Guam, the Commonwealth of the Northern Marianas Islands and the Federated States of Micronesia. Research, news, reports, and affiliated programs including a digital atlas of the "Natural Resources of Southern Guam."
Teachers, students, and parents can use this website to link to government agencies that offer kid friendly information on an array of study subjects. Sections on “Learning Stuff” games, videos, etc. augment the site. Information about related careers is given special attention!

U.S. EPA Environmental Kids Club
There's fun to be had here. Try the section for 'Middle School' and the 'Garbage and Recycling.' Don't miss 'A Day in the Life of a Drop.'

U.S. Department of the Interior
Protecting America's natural resources and heritages, the Department of Interior offers youth opportunities to work, play, learn and grow in some of the most beautiful and historically significant places. Website also includes activities for learning about conservation issues and other teacher resources.

Water: H20=Life
Loaded with activities, this American Museum of Natural History explains how fresh water unites us all. See the water section!

Down the Drain Project
How much water do you use every day in your home? The USGS says it could be between 80-100 gallons. This project is collecting data on water usage from ordinary people around the world. See the teachers guide to learn how your students can participate in this worldwide project.