High School

Service Learning

Welcome to the High School Service Learning Project

Guam Water Kids & Learning about Guam’s Fresh Water

This is an activity-based Service Learning program for high school students to learn about the importance of protecting our island's natural resource of freshwater. After review and training high school students are able to share "what kids can do" with younger kids and their peers.


All materials are available for download below and are offered freely for your use! This program was created for use with GDOE High School Service Learning, but can be used for general science and environmental studies and youth groups.


Teachers who are interested in having the Guam Water Kids consultant and a WERI faculty member visit their school to provide the review and training and assistance with the sharing opportunities, please contact Ann Card ann@guamwaterkids.com for further information.





High School Class Handouts

Guam Rivers and Surface More Surface Water

Student Leaders Presentation Plan

Why People, Animals and Plants Need Water Activity

Stages of the Water Cycle Activity



Downloadable Narrated Slideshows:


Guam Water Kids Presentation (For iOS)

GuamWaterKids Part 1 Fresh Water.mov

GuamWaterKids Part 2 Water Cycle.mov

GuamWaterKids Part 3 Surface and Ground.mov

GuamWaterKids Parts 4&5 Review, Kids Can Do.mov


Guam Water Kids Presentation (For PCs)

GuamWaterKids Part 1 Fresh Water.wmv

GuamWaterKids Part 2 Water Cycle.wmv

GuamWaterKids Part 3 Surface and Ground.wmv

GuamWaterKids Parts 4&5 Review, Kids Can Do.wmv



If you have problems downloading or using material, contact Ann Card (ann@guamwaterkids.com).